Une Academic Staff Agreement

An A-level scientist, who is only a research scientist, is expected to contribute to the institution`s research efforts and develop its research material by pursuing defined projects that are relevant to the relevant field of research. NTEU of the University of New England are researching the campus this morning and are committed to a more collegial and transparent workplace, where management has more responsibilities to staff and students. It is part of the union`s bargaining campaign for improved employment services, change management and performance management. The NTEU also wants “better results” in terms of employment and transition to full-time work for casual workers at The Torres Strait Aborigines and Islanders. An A-level academic is expected to contribute to the university`s teaching efforts, including the bachelor`s and postgraduate degrees, and to conduct activities aimed at developing his scientific, scientific and/or technical expertise relevant to the profession or discipline. For the purposes of this clause, “other academic activity required” is defined as the work that a person, as or on behalf of the employer of a casual worker, requires the worker to perform the service work and which is carried out in accordance with these requirements, since these are professional activities of the following nature: a level A scientific degree generally has four years of graduate studies in the discipline concerned or has equivalent research qualifications or experiences. In many cases, a position at this level requires an honorary degree or higher qualifications or equivalent research experience. Research experience can contribute to publications, conferences, reports or technical or technical contributions or results demonstrating research potential. The intention to extend the leave, including the extended leave envisaged (as part of this agreement), will generally be subject to advanced qualifications and/or significant experience in the field of the discipline concerned. A position at this level usually requires a doctoral qualification or equivalent accreditation and recruitment.

Determining qualifications experience takes into account lessons learned, research experience, experience outside of higher education, creative performance, professional contributions and/or technical performance. In addition, a position at this level usually requires a record of demonstrable scientific and professional results in the field of the discipline. A casual worker required to carry out another university activity is paid at an hourly rate, as provided by the following tables for each hour of service provided in accordance with the activity and demonstrated.