Ucmo Housing Agreement

Check out our entry page for the package list and more details! The entry plan and process are continuously updated. ucmo.edu/movein If you need a break, visit ucmo.edu/housingforms The student agrees that the occupation covered by this agreement covers the academic year beginning with the semester indicated in the housing contract and ends on the last day of the spring semester, or when students graduate or leave campus to study abroad, depending on the previous date. Note that this form must cancel an existing housing contract or meal plan contract. If you are collecting a matching fee or have a required agreement, please use the form above. Understand that it can have a significant financial impact for the termination of your housing contract in the middle of the year or on the basis of licensing criteria. If you are not sure that your cancellation will impose penalties on you, please email us to housing@ucmo.edu and we will be happy to point them out! In addition, the university reserves the right to change the allocation of housing and to require the student to move to different dwellings if the university believes that such a reallocation is necessary. Once this booking has been received, the home manager will contact you by email, phone or Skype for an interview. After receiving the “notification of acceptance,” the post office or the fiduciary deposit line to guarantee your booking. On arrival, you must sign the housing contract and pay the accommodation costs to get your key and fill your suite.

All room and board payments are paid to the Business Office, with the exception of the $200 deposit required to process your housing contract submitted to the Registration Office. The university reserves the right to deny students permission to participate in semi-annual exams and/or retention of grades and copies of the semester if the student does not pay the full room and room or room damage costs, in accordance with the payment schedule in Rockhurst University`s current catalogue. Similarly, if the university recognizes that a student has a record of criminal convictions or other acts that indicate conduct that may constitute a danger to a person or property and/or may be injurious or inconvenient to others residing in student housing, the university cannot accept or terminate that contract. No room and/or meal reimbursement is made to a student whose occupation ends. The Office of Residence Life will consider students` housing preferences to the extent that this is reasonably feasible in exercising its discretion. If there is no space available at the preferred location, the Office of Residence Life assigns students to an alternative residence. The student is responsible for the predominant rate of his assigned space. If a student receives a housing grant or a bursary that includes housing, it is for a dual occupancy residence; If a student requests and/or receives accommodation other than a dual occupancy residence, he or she is responsible for the difference. Rockhurst Housing Grants and Scholarships that include assistance in housing construction cannot be used for research or other off-campus housing opportunities. Freshman and Sophomore students must submit either a residence permit form or a housing contract. Freshman and Sophomore students who do not return either form are assigned to the university residence until the university receives confirmation that the student is living with a parent or that he or she is otherwise exempt. Students are subject to a proportional housing and food plan when confirmation is received after the start of the academic year.

There is no accommodation refund after the 4th week of class for a certain appointment. Did you know that the UCM Housing Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 housing contract is now available for deposit? You can submit your contract either by mail or through your MyCentral account.